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Friday, November 17, 2023

Porter and Midge: Paws and Playtime: A Kid's Guide to a Happy Dog, by Giselle Nevada, Jennie Chen


This review approved by my dog, Daisy. Yes, I read it to her. After all, one of the hints to make your dogs happier was to read to them so, well, why not? She enjoyed it. Me, too, although maybe because it's been a long day, I did find myself stumbling a bit over the phrasing at times. Just not the way we talk, albeit fun just the same. My favorite new word: Sniffari. Favorite phrase, one I stumbled over initially, "Trick dog tricks".  My eyes saw tricks but my mouth kept saying treats, which definitely got Daisy's attention. So, yes, designed for children and adults able to navigate the phrasing. 

The info shared is solid, however, and the illustrations are fun, showing quite a few different dog breeds at play. The suggestions for dog classes, in particular, made me grin as I have friends who partake of several of the suggested activities with their dogs. Some have even made it to national levels, all with the dogs having a blast. That said, the ideas that stuck with me were perhaps the simplest ones. To remember enriching your dog's life isn't a race. It's simply about being present with them, attentive, and enjoying the time with them. Thus, I've made Daisy dog a promise to be more there with her, even reading aloud to her when I absolutely need to read something. Do you think she'll enjoy cozy mysteries or historical books as much as this fun, rhythmical, rhyming book? I guess we shall see. They did say variety was a key. Grin.

Other things I noted were largely based on the illustrations. First, the dog illustrations seemed, if nothing else, far more detailed and realistic looking than those of the people involved. The setting also largely seems to be city/town oriented although several scenes seem to take place in a park or perhaps country. I'm new to this series, so just guessing as to the next observation. The people offering advice seem to be quite specific, ie identifiable, so I'm guessing they are based on real dog friends of the authors. After all, Porter and Midge are based on the authors' own dogs. Finally, a plus for parents, there is a list of hints for them to guide children in their relationship with pets as well as a list of the authors' other books. I can't believe, sucker for a dog featured on a book cover that I am, that I've somehow missed this series until now. Thanks #NetGalley and #RaiseTheWoodPress for introducing them to me. I'll be on the lookout for past books asap. First, however, I have this book to read to my dog...

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review our book. We are absolutely thrilled you and Daisy enjoyed our book!


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